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Karaggas Palace (Hard)
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  Jarg and Sorno  
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Game News
For the Guild for the Empire and for thyself in that order
Welcome to Apocalypse 

We here at Apocalypse are a group of like minded individuals working towards endgame content. We believe that the most important part of being in a guild is that you like the people you are playing with and enjoy their company. We are pretty laid back and don't make demands of people to do anymore than they want to we just want to have fun and make the most of everyone's experience on SWTOR.


Apocalypse Upper Hierarchy

Takyr: Guild Leader 
Takyr also comes from WoW and FotF he was a successful raid leader and hails from England and stays up extra late to run with us and help guide us through operations so show some gratitude and respect for him. His experience will be essential to our success and you will be too so watch videos posted in the forums for the fights and make his job a little easier if you can though it is not required. He is the person you should inform if you can not make it to an operation and have already signed up for it

Aurela:Co PvE Lead

Aurela(Nate) comes to us from the popular MMO World of Warcraft aka WoW where he was a successful PvP officer for the six year old guild Fight on the Flag aka FotF. He is an excellent strategist and experienced MMO player. He is also very helpful when asked so don't be afraid to ask in guild chat for help if you see him on. He Co leads operation groups for us and host world boss events
Danrjo: Co PvE Lead
Danrjo(Jordan) also comes from WoW and FotF he has an extensive back ground of many different officer roles and guild leader. He also does PvE events like HM Flash Points and leads raid groups as well as the guild bank and promoting new recruits and helps with the guild website

Issy: Guild Moral Officer
Issy has been an officer in guilds in the past and has a love for SWTOR and wonderful ideas to help keep everyone interested and having a wonderful guild experience. This is the person you would go to with thoughts and suggestions on how to improve the guild to be brought up in officer meetings

Mariadeveaux: Consultant
Maria comes to us  from FotF in WoW also where she was the guild leader for six years as well as leading guilds in multiple other MMOs. We will all be learning from her collective wisdom respect her. She is a very easy going helpful person and will make great contributions behind the scenes. (sounds like a nice way of saying she retired

Beavis: Knowledge Base
Kama is Kama he is a fun guy who is also from WoW and FotF and was in the guild for all 6 years Maria lead it. he has a million toons if you have questions he pry knows the answer. He is also a avid poster and has added a lot of useful information to the guild site and helped make it a wonderful tool for upcoming changes and datacrons. He is also a very helpful person if you don't understand something or how something in the game works go to him.

Niv'ohgr: Website Admin
Niv is a fun guy to play the game with and has a extensive background in printing and knows formats well and has graciously developed this website for us here at Apocalypse so if you like what you see or have any request notify him

Things to Remember:

Its always Nate's Fault

      If you are in this guild and need help and didn't get it its because you didn't ask.
Guild News

BioWare accepting feedback and suggestions on the UI

Danrjo, May 4, 12 1:31 PM.
For anyone that wants to get there two cents in or add your voice to stuff already mentioned for BioWare to add to the UI go here 

Tragedy Strikes in HM EV

Danrjo, May 4, 12 12:47 PM.
Most of the guild officers and some unfortunate members of other guilds that attended jumped off the edge of the platform on the SOA boss in Eternity Vault on a mission for the Empire. No casualties were reported they are all suppose to recover lets give them a hand while they recover in the infirmary.

Guild Rules

Danrjo, Jan 19, 12 2:31 AM.
Guidelines and Regulations

Regardless of your rank in the guild,  Apocalypse is making every effort to make a name for  itself by being a guild filled with good people. We constantly laugh together and try to make every moment an enjoyable one. We place high value on honor in this guild and carry our guild tag with pride, which means treating your fellow players with respect, whether in game or on any public forums. If you can't be polite, don't post. Your actions reflect upon the entire guild, and any misconduct or disrespect of fellow players will not be tolerated. We want to establish and maintain a reputation for being a quality guild, full of helpful and active members who are an excellent addition to any group or party... do your best to live up to these expectations.

We make jokes all the time however jokes can be taken too far. Certain topics/remarks and insults made in jest are fine when used in guild chat or tells but should not leak out into public forums or trade and general chat. If you are not adult enough to know what is appropriate and what is not for those venues then please do not bother to apply to Apocalypse and if you are already a member then please leave now

What it means to be a member of Apocalypse
At the end of the day we are all human, and there are people sitting behind these monitor's who do have feelings which sometimes people tend to forget since its the internet, alot of us have some regrets when it comes to dealing with certain people, maybe its to take back something you said or didnt help them with, end of the day Apocalypse is a family first guild, we came together and looked after each other even those that are a pain to deal with but thats what families do, take the good with the bad.

We know each of us have RL events or problems that arise and we dont want to talk bout it because we just like to log on and escape the problems of life so all we are asking is for a little respect for everyone and a little patience

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